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Qsolutions is the platform integrated management of our developments for the industry this platform provides the framework through which you can access each of the tools and thus have at their disposal a complete view of the control and planning of its production processes.

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EBR Electronic Batch Record || Records and generates reports digital with data of the batch of production

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Control of access to biometric identification or card production machines RFID

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Predictive maintenance for machines and production processes


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Analysis of productivity and efficiency OEE


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Electronic Batch record (EBR)

TheQSBatchThe QSBatch package is a Software specifically designed to generate the acquisition and support of batch and data reporting, according to GMP guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry

Through QSBatch, you will have access to administrative data of batch records, as well as graphical reports of all the variables involved in the process, which will allow you to keep a historical record of production.según los lineamientos GMP para la industria farmacéutica



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  • -Software for generating an electronic record of batch (EBR) specifically designed for application in the pharmaceutical and biochemical industries as replacement of registration on paper or manuscript.

  • -QSBatch acquires and stores up to 99 relevant variables of each lot of production for further analysis, reporting and file.

  • -It stores encryption information and displays it for subsequent approval, file and/or audit

  • -QSBatch complies with regulations CFR21 part 11 with encryption of databases.



  • -QSBatch ensures the availability of the relevant data of the process and easy access to historic batches produced

  • -Generates reports with the manufacture of each batch of production log data, required by the QA and production of laboratory areas

  • -To provide this documentation at the end of the production lot with all the relevant variables of the process, will streamline validation and quarantine times.

  • -Display in graphical or list format variables

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