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Qsolutions is the platform integrated management of our developments for the industry this platform provides the framework through which you can access each of the tools and thus have at their disposal a complete view of the control and planning of its production processes.

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EBR Electronic Batch Record || Records and generates reports digital with data of the batch of production

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Control of access to biometric identification or card production machines RFID

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Predictive maintenance for machines and production processes


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Analysis of productivity and efficiency OEE


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QMaint®  is a CMMS Maintenance Management Software for predictive, preventive and scheduled maintenance on machinery, equipment and automated industrial processes.

Its goal is to connect the available PLC or HMI in the machine, to get information of the real use and wear of the equipment.

It guarantees the optimization of maintenance costs.

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QMaint monitors in real time the number of maneuvers and hours of operation of the mechanical, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic elements of your process and allows to predict the optimum time for maintenance. Their goal: optimize spare parts, costs and downtime caused by unplanned machine shutdowns.



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Technical Description  

 •  QMaint® is developed with .NET technology, connect the PLC or Scada automation via OPC

•  It´s works with the most importants Scada packages in the market, such as WInCC, iFIX, Wonderware, TIAPortal, etc.

•  Based on SQL database, allows you to store disarmament and relationship of all the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic parts of the machine and also the tools and spare parts needed for the repair or replacement 


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 • QMaint® It records in real time wear and tear resulting from use of the machinery of production for predictive maintenance, reports of State and management of maintenance tasks

• QMaint® allows you to schedule and register the realization of maintenance for control, warranty and traceability of work performed in the production

• QMaint® store and report the actual wear of the components in the production machinery.

• QMaint® generates reminder notices to keep maintenance in the configured limits.

• QMaint® increases your machinery productivity minimize unplanned machine stops due to lack of maintenance.

• QMaint® allows you to define multiple levels or instances of notice for the equipment maintenance

• Provides actual usage of machine data and records of the maintenance carried out, statistics of failure, etc

• QMaint® allows you to perform a detailed analysis of the State of use and fatigue of each of the monitored components to give notice of service of maintenance to be carried out.

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For Industries and OEMs, the feature that distinguishes QMaint from other CMMS, is its ability to communicate with the controller of the machine, which gets real information from work hours/cycles made in production equipment.

Neither before nor after, maintenance only when required!









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