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DactilSecure® DactilSecure is a software for access control and registration of users in a Scada system, through biometric or RFID cards readers


The implementation of user by means of biometric identification improves the security of the system in relation to the entry of username and password for keyboard

Using biometric readers is achieved an identification quickly, safely and with a greater convenience to the user of the Scada system in the machine or production process

DactilSecure integrates Supreme equipments, for biometric access to the main Scada packages of market



fav icomDactilSecure joined the SCADA software a powerful tool for identification of users of unambiguous and secure way using biometric recognition by fingerprint or RFID card technology.

fav icomIt can incorporate biometric technologies to the main Scada software on the market, to integrate staff restricted sectors entry control systems, limited access to screens the same Scada, etc.

fav icomImprove production times and the security of the system, with respect to traditional methods of enrolment of users by Login and Password.

fav icomIt adapts to FDA recommendations for validation of open control systems (connected to networks or other machines).




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